Do you make the cut as an employer of the future?

As I sit on the train, surrounded by people staring into their phones, I’m reminded yet again just how connected we all are. An issue of great importance to us can literally be shared in an instant. This is a fact not lost on people in the advertising world, as the opportunities presented by this word of mouth on steroids are numerous. I’m guessing that amidst all this, there is also a fair bit of chat relating to people searching for employment opportunities and quite possibly what it is like to work for different employers.

This kind of conversation would be going on all the time and what we need to accept is that in an environment where there are still critical skills shortages in many industries, employers are engaged in a competition to get the best and the brightest people in their doors to improve their productivity and ability to survive. The significant thing is to look for ways to become part of these conversations in a positive as opposed to a negative way. Think of how good it would be if we could have the very best people beating down our doors wanting to come and work for us, not just because we had a job for them, but because they had heard how great it was working for us!

So, what do you need to do to become the positive part of this conversation? Here are a few steps in the right direction:

  • Be an exemplary employer – Beyond good compensation, you must fashion an environment that nurtures personal and professional growth, a place where challenges abound, and progress is not just a notion but a tangible reality.
  • Be ahead of the curve – prospective employees like nothing better than an employer who not only has the latest bells and whistles but uses them effectively. Lagging behind the market isn’t just bad for business but also puts you at a disadvantage in the hunt for the best people.
  • Embrace connectivity – Shed the perception of being out of touch. Embrace the digital realm and curate a positive online presence that resonates with those in quest of a fulfilling career within your industry.
  • Foster dialogue – Create a platform where potential hires can engage in industry-relevant discussions, sharing their own insights and updates. This reservoir of engaged individuals might prove invaluable when the time to take on new talent arrives.
  • Demonstrate Social Responsibility: In a marketplace valuing a progressive approach, we must align with these evolving ideals. Transparency and open dialogue establish us as entities in harmony with contemporary values.

By embracing each of these tenets, you can transform yourself into a positive presence within the employment narrative, where the very best talent is keen to join your ranks, drawn by the promise not just of an interesting new role, but also a great workplace experience.