Resilience and Digital Transformation

The need for ongoing digital transformation underscores the skills essential for those involved in making this happen. As well as technical prowess, an array of complementary soft skills are also indispensable. Beyond this however one pivotal and intrinsic quality emerges as critical for people working with this kind of change – resilience.

Digital transformation, like any change, presents challenges within the workplace. The expectation that individuals can navigate this turbulence and seamlessly embrace new technologies and processes tests the mettle of even the most robust individuals and we can invite significant problems if we  disregard the fundamental role resilience plays in navigating this transformative journey.

What then defines a resilient individual who can contribute to the change journey of an organisation in a meaningful way?

· A positive Outlook: Resilient individuals display positivity, harbouring faith in their capacity to surmount challenges and anticipate favourable outcomes.

· Strong Social Connections: A sense of connectedness with colleagues mitigates feelings of isolation amid change, fostering a collective front against uncertainty.

· Empathy: The ability to empathize with others’ struggles engenders a broader perspective and instils confidence that the pressures of change are not borne alone.

· Emotional Intelligence: Proficiently identifying and managing emotional reactions to change equips individuals with the skills needed to navigate evolving landscapes.

· High Self-Efficacy: Resilient individuals possess an unwavering belief in their ability to act decisively, a quality crucial for modelling effective responses to ongoing change.

· Problem-Solving Acumen: Adeptness at identifying and resolving issues arising from change and digital transformation provides a distinct advantage in the face of persistent uncertainty.

Clearly, the cultivation of resilient individuals within an organization, embodying these qualities, is highly desirable. Whilst resilience is not always an innate trait, it is something that can be nurtured and refined. The question then becomes, how do we develop this within our workforce to prepare them for the challenges ahead? We need to start seeing the development of resilience as an ongoing and important adjunct to our ongoing transformations.