We take a holistic approach to preparing your people for the workplace of the future.

growth cave packages & programs

Our programs deliver more than digital upskilling and reskilling or your workforce.

Our training packages, programs and short courses aim to equip your leaders and your workforce with all the relevant skills, capabilities and leadership attributes critical to managing your digital transformation and beyond.

Also, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to delivering our services, we package up our training and services to best suit the needs of our clients.

As part of our flexible learning approach, our courses can be run face-to-face or via a virtual format. Face-to-face can be held at a venue of your choice. Virtual is run via MS Teams or Zoom and incorporates the latest techniques to make the virtual learning experience as authentic as possible.

In addition to our courses and packages, we also provide our clients with access to micro-learning options which can be used as ongoing professional development or for building awareness and capability in the areas of leadership and mentoring. They can also be used as lead in to more detailed training programs and support.

Either way, our clients have a quick and effective option to help their transformation and position themselves for the future.

Get the basics by completing a relevant micro-learning course. Your staff may wish to complete one of our micro-learning modules before embarking on a more detailed program.

What We Provide

Helping people and businesses emerge transformed

Organisational Transformation

To be ready for the challenges of the digital age, organisations need to have a clear understanding of where they see themselves tomorrow … and more importantly, what is required to get there. Through our partnership with sl consult, we help organisations future-proof themselves by unlocking their potential, by being innovative, nimble and by maximising the contribution of their people. 

Resilience & Emotional Intelligence Training

Developing the right soft skills is critical to comfortably and confidently navigating the challenges of tomorrow’s workplace. Our Resilience Training Program focuses on equipping participants with practical skills to cope with change. We do this by engaging them in practical real-world activities and providing them with valuable and actionable resilience building skills which they can apply immediately in the workplace.

Upskilling for Digital Transformation

With the stakes for success so high, organisations cannot afford their investment in technology to be undermined by workers unable to deliver on their business expectations. Via our collaboration with Meta Management, we offer UPLEVEL Program which accelerates results by giving learners the exact skills needed in a digital, or digitally transforming organisation.

Transformational Leadership Training

Having the right leadership skills is key to assisting your leaders make the best possible contribution to your organisation’s transformation. Transformational leaders foster change, inspire growth and successfully prepare their people for the workplace of the future.

Mentoring for Transformation

Transformation within an organisation is reliant on people providing and receiving outstanding guidance and support. Our Workplace Mentoring Essentials program provides leaders within your organisation with the immediate skills for mentoring their people and helping them adapt to the challenges of a changing workplace.

Micro-Learning for Transformation

With the rapid pace of the modern and technical advanced workplace, learners need to access learning anywhere, any time and from a device of their choice. Micro-learning modules also provide learners with a quick insight into a specific topic ahead of embarking on the more detailed program.